The Woodbine

To all our regular customers and new visitors alike, we would like to let you know what changes we are having to make in these very different times that we are experiencing.  As you know we are well known not only for our food and drinks but also for providing great entertainment and theme nights!  As a result of current conditions set out by the UK government that we have to comply with, we are temporarily having to suspend our comedy, live music and theme nights.

This is due not only to the regulations but also the financial burden on the business, with the reduced capacity and social distancing rules it is impossible for us to hold such events without losing money due to the cost of the acts (we do not blame the artists as we are all having to try and earn a living).  The quality of our entertainment we feel has been excellent and we thank all the artists that have helped us build up a reputation for great quality nights out and hope that we can resume our entertainment in the future.

In the mean time we will be looking at different models of hosting nights and will post any events that we trial on our website. Please subscribe to our mailing list as entrance to these nights will be very limited and will need to be booked in advance! 



To all of our valued customers, since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic we have complied with all the government guidelines, as a result of the new Covid 19 measures announced this week we will be closing the pub at 10pm latest, that means that we will be shutting and locking the doors with no patrons remaining after 10pm so we will be doing last orders at 9.20 with a 40 minute drink up time maximum!

Facemasks must be worn on entering the premises and at all times apart from when sitting at  your designated table, so if you need to visit the restrooms or go to the smoking areas please ensure that you wear your masks.

The current maximum group size is 6 people, we must adhere to the rules so please do not ask us to break them!

We currently only offer table service both inside and outside, please be patient if we are busy, we will get to you as soon as possible, we will be taking both orders and payments at the table sides.

The NHS track and trace QR code for The Woodbine is clearly displayed at multiple points in the building including in each room, by both exits and entrances and in the restrooms, we will still be taking peoples names and numbers for those who don’t have smart phones or wish not to download the app! (we will not keep your data for any longer than the legal requirements)

These are the rules that we have to comply with, in the event of any further rules or possible lockdown in the future we are fully prepared to offer a takeaway business both for food and drinks (if we are allowed to!).  we are looking forward to a future back to as close as possible to what we used to deem as normal.

We have strived to do everything we can to comply with the rules and guidance set out by the Government including regular cleaning, table service, and social distancing instructions, we thank you for your support, patience and understanding.

The Woodbine Team!

 SAFETY FIRST                                                                                                  SOCIAL DISTANCING

 Please only visit us if you are feeling fit and well.                                               We ask that you please respect the space

 We are striving to ensure the safest environment for                                          of our other customers & abide by the  

 all of our staff and customers.                                                                             1 metre rule at all times

 MAKE A RESERVATION                                                                                   TAKE A SEAT

 Due to the restrictions in place you will be required                                            To minimise the number of people roaming

 to make a booking with an allocated time for arrival                                            the pub, all service will be table service. 

 We ask that you are prompt and that everyone in your                                       There will be no sitting at the bar.

 party arrives together

 HAND HYGIENE                                                                                                  DEEP CLEAN

 Please ensure that you use the hand sanitiser                                                    Please be assured that we will be regularly 

 provided on arrival and throughout your visit with us.                                          cleaning the pub and restaurant before and

                                                                                                                             after your visit.

 Please bear with us at this time as this is all very new to us, as we settle into our new working practices.